Is there something lacking in your life? You may be experiencing a sense of emptiness or loss. Or you may be struggling with a specific problem - a relationship breakdown, for example, a bereavement, a difficult life transition, depression, anxiety, or stress.


Psychotherapy and counselling can help you discover and develop your creativity, give you new ways of viewing the world and your life in general, and offer you  the support you need to make changes in your life.


Counselling is also available for your child or adolescent who may be experiencing anxiety or depression and be struggling to fit in. Sessions of art therapy and sandplay help unlock the stuckness your child may be feeling and offer creative ways of viewing the world and gaining insight.


My work has taken me to many different places. Working within different communities and experiencing indigenous cultures, I am always mindful of culture, race and religion. My work is non-discriminatory and ever respectful of the situation within which a client lives, works and plays,

Welcome to A Healing Path.
How Counselling and Psychotherapy could help you:
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