I will enable you to develop skills in greater awareness of your self and others so that, rather than reacting defensively and automatically to other people,  more energy and space are available for you to live more spontaneously, responding to people and events rather than reacting automatically.


I am a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist and counsellor with a background in private practice, the NHS, a private adolescent psychotherapy clinic in London, and 6 years as a school counsellor in two private schools in Australia.


Within each of these roles, my strengths lie in establishing a counselling relationship that enables clients to feel safe. This means clients can slowly unpack their difficulties and challenges and find new ways to undo some of the unhelpful patterns they have acquired unconsciously in their various relationships. My intention is to create a safe space. to work with you with compassion and a belief in your ability to change. Each person is unique and therapy will unfold at a pace that suits you.

Caroline May

MA Integrative Psychotherapy (Middlesex University)

Diploma Integrative Psychotherapy (Minster Centre)
Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (Reading University)


Sessions will be tailored to suit the individual client and may include mindfulness activities

to increase awareness, sandplay therapy to help clients access feelings that are not easily

expressed in normal conversation as well as talk therapy.

Over the years I have undergone extensive and varied psychotherapy which I believe is essential in order to be an effective therapist. Many difficult feelings can and frequently do emerge during counselling and psychotherapy and I have first hand knowledge of this experience as well as knowledge of how necessary and transformative this is.


Counselling is a bit like tidying out an old chest of drawers - pulling out all the items, having a good look at them and deciding what to keep and what to throw out, before putting things away in some kind of order - rather like completing a jigsaw puzzle. This healing path is individual to you. There is no single right way of negotiating life's challenges. You already have all the knowledge you need, and simply require space, time and compassion to enable your journey of healing to take place.