Therapies Offered


Counselling is not the same as talking to a friend. A counsellor will not just offer sympathy or solutions; she will listen without judging, and will both challenge and support you so that you grow in insight and gain the capacity to resolve your problems in your own time. Counselling is often related to specific issues and is generally offered over a time limited period of 6 to 12 weeks. Sessions are of 50 minutes duration and generally take place at a regular time each week.



Psychotherapy is generally longer term and more indepth than counselling, addressing issues which are more deeply rooted. Sessions are held weekly or twice-weekly when required. Sessions are of 50 minutes duration and take place at a regular time each week as this is an important part of creating a sacred space.


For many of us life just happens on auto pilot and we tend not to take notice of what is actually happening in the present moment. This can lead us to act without thinking and to perpetuate patterns of thinking and behaviour which we established in childhood and which no longer serve us well If we can learn to slow down and notice how we are feeling physically and emotionally, and what we are thinking, then we can beome masters of our lives instead of doing things automatically with no real appraisal of what is going on. We can train ourselves to become mindful by doing certain exercises every day and in so doing we build psychological resilience.



Acceptance and Commitment Therapy combines many techniques used both by the mindfulness practitioners and CBT therapists. It is a wonderful way of looking at our challenges and difficulties and putting them in to perspective. This therapy works well with adults, adolescents and children and takes the mystery out of psychotherapy, so that it is accessible to all.


Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay Therapy is not just for kids. It is an ancient therapy originally devised by Jungian therapists in Switzerland. The therapy requires clients to access a quiet place within, and to work with the sand, creating shapes and using the medium to access deeper parts of themselves. If the client wishes to, they may select miniatures displayed in the counselling room, which they place in the sand to recreate what is going on in their mind. The miniatures include people, aspects of nature, animals, mystical figures, buildings - anything in fact to reflect the real world. As therapy progresses, so does the process deepen and clients can gain insight with regard to their particular challenges.




Rates and Terms and Conditions


Initial Consultation: 1.5 hours: £75

Subsequent sessions: 50 minute session: £60

Sessions are payable in advance of the session.

You can book single sessions or a package of 6 for £325.


Why would I buy a package?

By paying upfront you make an intentional psychological commitment to change and grow. You thus come to value this commitment and your motivation to make the necessary changes in your life also increases.


Clients will be charged if they do not attend a session, unless they cancel 24 hours in advance. In the event of sudden illness, a replacement session will be offered.


As you start to feel the benefits of counselling and psychotherapy, we will discuss how the process will come to an end. Abrupt endings are not a good idea as the process requires careful and considered reviews of the progress made, and as with all relationships, a period of letting go takes place during which clients start to implement many of the skills they have acquired in therapy.



I really valued the time spent in psychotherapy with you. I would come feeling a heavy burden and leave feeling so much lighter. You helped me see things I always knew were there but which had clouded over when I felt bogged down.

Karen (aged 22)

Chelsey (aged 16)

You listened to me when no one cared. You never judged me. You saw the shining light in me and gave me courage. You helped me smile and I will always be grateful to you.